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Monday, April 14, 2008

Who knows where?!?!?!

Ha! Well here is my first attempt at our Adoption Blog. Hopefully, in the next few days it will have a pretty layout and maybe even some thoughts that will, at the very least, be entertaining to read.

Why start a blog?

1. Blogging is the new, hip, cool thing to do and I just can't be left out, now can I?

2. A good friend of mine has been pressing me to start a journal of everything that God has been sharing with me about this Adoption/Orphan Ministry so that I can look back and see how awesome He is. I totally agree.

3. Blogs seems to be the way the adoption community stays in contact with each other, and I am sure that only my family wants to read our current blog about our 1 year old son, Jackson.

So there you have it, "Following God To" is born. Hope that you join us on this crazy journey and are blessed along the way:) More to come, I promise!

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