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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Disney Pictures!

Look! I am posting more disney pictures and keeping up on my end of the deal! What was your end of the deal? yeah....I didn't think you had an end either....oh well. So the new website is on its way and should be ready by next week. My fabulous blog designer Nikki is hard at work and I am excited to see what she comes up with! I know the suspense is killing you but that will just insure that you keep coming back until I finally spill the beans! Oh! and for my new blog's debut I thought about doing my very own blog giveaway!!! (insert oohs and ahhs here). So comment if you have any ideas on something cool to give to yourself......a new car is probably not going to happen but hey, you can give it a whirl!

That is Paul's aunt in the middle, she blessed us with this wonderful trip!

Livi is not far away crying her head off.

aww someone without a huge head....she loves herself some princesses. oh and ignore the snot, it was uncontrollable the entire trip.

Jackson was such a character groupie that he tracked down even the obscure characters like the Fairy God Mother
not so sure about dumbo...but she loved it.

mesmerized by small world with daddy

my little thrill seeker and mommy on the kiddie roller coaster.

There are also a lot of the professional photopass pictures that the disney castmembers take that I am still going through before I order them so just be prepared for a few weeks of the happiest place on earth:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth!

doing a popcorn dance in front of the castle....it was very funny.

Yep, last week we survived a week with two toddlers and mickey mouse! No really, they were actually really good and it was so much fun! Jackson is a typical character groupie and filled his first autograph book in less than 48 hours. Olivia, however, was not really diggin it. She was OBSESSED with them as long as they kept their distance. If they got within her 5 foot personal space bubble....all hell broke loose. She did really love the princesses though:)

Crying Olivia, mommy, and Jesse from Toy Story 2

just keep mommy in between and she is ok!

The closest she got without crying....hahaha poor kid.

So I am busy sorting through my eleventeen million pictures (yes there are a lot that are better than these!) and I will be showing them to you THIS WEEK.....please feel free to leave nasty comments if you see any delay. I am having a valentine's day resolution to be a better blogger. Actually, I am even going to have a BRAND NEW blog hopefully sometime in the next week, so be one the lookout! It will be a big unveiling of some big, BIG news here in the Aarseth home. (how many times can I use big in one sentence?)