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Monday, December 8, 2008


Well, the tree is up, the decorations are all out, most of my shopping is done, and the lights are on the house (but at this moment not working due to some blown fuse? ask my husband). I absolutely love this time of year because we try and spend all of our time enjoying each other and really trying to remember why we celebrate this holiday. I am a huge fan of traditions and we have started many that go on throughout the year but Christmas traditions are my favorite.

Since this is only Jackson's second Christmas we don't have many traditions yet or I guess the things we did last year will become traditions when we do them again this year:) My favorite is Advent. We light the candles and read the passages out of the bible after dinner and talk about what they mean. Then we sing some Christmas carols (Jackson absolutely loves to sing and we are always singing pretty much 24/7). This year we got Jackson the little people nativity set and we have been acting out the Christmas story during advent as well. Last night though, I found one of the wise men in Mary's spot in the manger so we still have some work to do:) Some other things we plan on doing again this year is making our own gingerbread house from scratch, making hot chocolate and going out in the car to look at Christmas lights, going to see Santa, and watching lots of Christmas movies together.

I would love to add some more fun to our holiday and really be able to teach our kids that Christmas is not all about presents. So, help me out, What are some of your families traditions? What do you do to show your children the reason for the season?

These pictures are all from last year but I promise to put up current ones before Christmas:)
We tried to make a replica of our house. We even made our
gingerbread family:) Jackson's is crawling with a diaper on.


Amber said...

The tree looks gorgeous!

Vanessa said...

Love the tree!! I´m heading home today from GUA and man I need to get busy shopping when I get home!