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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Well with only one day left in October I suppose it is time to reveal our pumpkin patch photos!

Here they are climbing on all of the pumpkins:)

Then we put them on the trailer to get some pictures together......these were the best two:

But the best are the hilarious outtakes:

Jackson, put your arm around sissy......no not like that!

here hold a pumpkin instead.

"Wait I dropped mine! I'll just take yours brother!"

"Look at the what?"

riding the barrel train......yes it was a tight squeeze but our little dare devil (olivia) would have totally stood up during the ride.

waiting patiently for the hay ride.....

one happy boy and one concerned little lady.....

Looking back......
on the pumpkin trailer 2007

an all out refusal to look at the camera in 2008

so glad we are past that phase and happy with a new sister in 2009


missy said...

what a difference a year makes! they are so darling. and i am in love with livy's outfit!

Tisha said...

Adorable!!! I can tell that they both are adjusting great! Love you

jody said...

ok, LOVE the polka dot outfit!!!! and so funny, I was trying to take a picture on my phone of Zoe to send to a friend and it was just a disaster of blurry backs/sides/swooshes of her head and after like 15 tries i just gave up, haha!

Mandy said...

Okay - I don't think I would fit in the barrel train by myself, much less with two children!
Looks like you all had lots of fun. Love the captions on the pics!