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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We went to our friend's for a huge halloween party. She had at least 15 families over for a yummy dinner and bounce house fun before going out trick or treating! We had a great time, thanks Amanda!

Here are the three fireman and the two sister dalmatians:)

we attempted at a group shot but you can see it didn't go so well....plus we are missing several kids in this.

They had a great time going house to house. Last year Jackson had no idea he was getting candy, he only wanted to ring the doorbells.......This year he would pick out a piece of candy and turn around and say, "Mommy, Open this please." .......at every single house.

And just because I am having fun looking back..... (Since my kids are 14 months apart I am really enjoying comparing them at basically the same ages:)

Monkey Jackson in 2007 with best buddy Aidan (Aidan is Jackson's banana)

Jackson and Aidan as dinosaurs in 2008

Jackson and Aidan (and Jeremiah) as Fireman in 2009
Livi and Kaylie as dalmatians

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Well with only one day left in October I suppose it is time to reveal our pumpkin patch photos!

Here they are climbing on all of the pumpkins:)

Then we put them on the trailer to get some pictures together......these were the best two:

But the best are the hilarious outtakes:

Jackson, put your arm around sissy......no not like that!

here hold a pumpkin instead.

"Wait I dropped mine! I'll just take yours brother!"

"Look at the what?"

riding the barrel train......yes it was a tight squeeze but our little dare devil (olivia) would have totally stood up during the ride.

waiting patiently for the hay ride.....

one happy boy and one concerned little lady.....

Looking back......
on the pumpkin trailer 2007

an all out refusal to look at the camera in 2008

so glad we are past that phase and happy with a new sister in 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 23, 2009

Readoption Day! We had to get Livi legalized in the states (her citizenship not her actual adoption) and change her name to Olivia Shataye :)

realizing I should of taught my dad how to use the zoom on my camera:)

the court room is fun on adoption day!

waiting for our names to be called

waiting with PopPop's glasses on

finally our turn with squirmy kiddos

this one with the judge is a little blurry but the other one has Livi's eyes closed.....yeah I can never get good shots!

State Fair

Excuse me while I try to catch up from a month worth of no blogging. Here is when we went to the state fair back in September:) They are too cute not to share.....

with big tex

Then we headed over to see the dog show followed by helping hands on the farm. They sure were helpful......

watering the trees and picking the fruit.

carrying the goods.

after milking the cows

they planted seeds

and drove the tractors to deliver the food to the animals.

Then we went over to the petting zoo to see

lots of crazy animals.

Jackson got roping lessons from a real live cowboy.

Daddy hit the tiny inside red star of these black stars with a dart to win Jackson a guitar.

They rode the motorcycles

went to the car show

and watched the African Acrobats.

We also pigged out on lots of fair food and had a great day!

me with big tex in 2007 because Jackson was too busy doing this....