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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ok I did a little online shopping since I saved some extra cash this month.... Check out the fun things I bought!

I got this little onsie with the radio and butterflies for our little friend who is going to be 1 on Saturday! It's from Tiny Rockstar and the proceeds go to orphan care!

Of course Jackson needed one too so he got this t-shirt with drums on it and says Pacemaker:)

Then I also got one of these cool AHOPE bracelets that honors a child currently living with HIV at the AHOPE orphanage in Ethiopia. The money provides food for the kids. My bracelet has the name Behailu on it and we will be praying for this little sweetie..... You can get one of your own by going here.

I am still waiting for two AHOPE t-shirts to come in the mail. Jackson got a black one and I got a blue one.

So Jackson got some new clothes this week (and mommy got a bracelet:) which he was seriously in need of and all the proceeds went to kids that need it.....How cool is that? It's cool.

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Amber said...

I love that website! Great picks.