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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Waiting List Coming Soon!

We are so excited! I think that I will be sending our dossier papers off either Tuesday or Wednesday!! I can't believe it. We also got our Favorable Determination Letter from the USCIS in the mail yesterday! That is a major piece of paper from the government that we have been waiting for so now things are really going to start moving along. I am not sure what exactly all comes next but I should find out tomorrow and let you know! Thank you to everyone who has helped us, we are so blessed to have you in our lives.


Michael said...

I loved getting on the wait list!!! What a day that was for us!! I can't wait for you guys to get a wait list number!


Chris and Jana said...

congrats! we are so excited for your family and will continue to keep you all in our prayers!

Those Dandy Dillards said...

Congratulations DeeDee - yay! Thanks for keeping us posted!

Blog Shmog said...

Oooo, what a great milestone! What a relief that will be to be on the waitlist!