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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth!

doing a popcorn dance in front of the castle....it was very funny.

Yep, last week we survived a week with two toddlers and mickey mouse! No really, they were actually really good and it was so much fun! Jackson is a typical character groupie and filled his first autograph book in less than 48 hours. Olivia, however, was not really diggin it. She was OBSESSED with them as long as they kept their distance. If they got within her 5 foot personal space bubble....all hell broke loose. She did really love the princesses though:)

Crying Olivia, mommy, and Jesse from Toy Story 2

just keep mommy in between and she is ok!

The closest she got without crying....hahaha poor kid.

So I am busy sorting through my eleventeen million pictures (yes there are a lot that are better than these!) and I will be showing them to you THIS WEEK.....please feel free to leave nasty comments if you see any delay. I am having a valentine's day resolution to be a better blogger. Actually, I am even going to have a BRAND NEW blog hopefully sometime in the next week, so be one the lookout! It will be a big unveiling of some big, BIG news here in the Aarseth home. (how many times can I use big in one sentence?)


The B Family said...

Looks like fun--Disney is on the top of our list once we get through this cocooning stage!

And on the edge of my seat in anticipation of your BIG news!

Kat said...

CanNOT wait to hear your big news!!!! Love the pics...dressed up characters always make me cry too ;).

Kristi J said...

Are you prego??? Are you adopting again?? Moving?? Come on...the suspense is too harsh!! Wow, your kiddos are getting so big!! :) kj

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Can't wait to hear the BIG NEWS!!!

Our kids are the same- us between them and the big scary creatures and they are ok, but NO closer.

Karin said...

How fun! Your first Disneyland trip as a family of 4!! We are on the every 3 years plan with Disneyland so we will be taking Mo when he is about 2 and a half - glad to hear your good report since we have never taken such young ones.......anxious to hear your news...........been thinking of revamping my blog quite a bit to be just a family blog - feel a little without direction right now since I have no more adoption updates. : ) Can't wait to see more sweet pics of your cute fam at the happiest place on earth!

The Hull's at #4 said...

So glad you are all doing great! Looks like you had fun!!