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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Day!

I sent our I-600A form in today and sent a document to the Secretary of State to be certified so those are the two big things in the dossier to mark off our list! The I600A is a form for the United States government that petitions to allow us to bring an immigrant into the U.S. for adoption. Next they will review our file and send us an appointment to be fingerprinted (yep, more fingerprinting!) and then after the FBI reviews our fingerprint we will get a letter that says you may proceed or the 171-H as it is called in adoptionland.

Everything else is notarized and ready, just waiting on a few little things and our passports:) I'll let you know when I resurface from this pile of paperwork!


Blog Shmog said...

Good job! I am currently working on the I-600A form as well as agency applications and all that good stuff. I feel like I could spend the entire day on it but I have two other little ones who need my attention. :)

Chris and Jana said...

Congratulations! We just had our first day of running all over town, including our first two sets of fingerprints! We were really organized, but there are so many papers! This is a copy, this is for that, etc. Pile of paperwork is right.

Have fun...I heard there's something called a "waiting period" ahead! What will I do with my time without a dossier to assemble!?

missy said...

it's fun to have found you in "the land of blog". it helps to know that others are living this adventure as well!