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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So our documents made it to the right places today so says UPS and FED EX and I also received an email saying that Paul's passport is finished and is already in the mail on the way back to us and that mine is being processed. (We sent mine in a few days later because I needed just a name change and forgot to bring the marriage certificate...I know....) This is crazy since we went LAST WEEK! I mean that is the fastest turn around time on a passport in history! Also, our social worker sent me an email today saying my homestudy should be finished TOMORROW! I know, again, SUPER FAST!

So with all this super fastness, our dossier is ALMOST DONE! But as the title says, UGH! Our water heater is currently leaking into my living room. Yep, either this is a bad timing coincidence, the devil is trying to bring me down, or God is trying to keep my perspective straight. Whatever it is I am trying to stay calm and know that God is in control and I am not. He will provide us the money to send in the dossier that is now going towards a water heater. I am trusting and leaning on Him!

I also realize a broken water heater is not the end of the world and we are totally blessed by all we have and that our dossier process is going so smoothly so far. I just don't enjoy house maintenance problems:) Thanks for letting me vent!


jody said...

Hey there! Just saying hi-we are with AGCI Ethiopia, too and just had our dossier sent over the ET yesterday-woohoo! And ours went FAST too-kind of scary a little bit!! But I laughed when you put in tiny letters "this is not a picture of our child" under the pic of the planner-EVERYONE who sees our planner asks me if it is our baby!!! yeah, like I have her big face plastered on a binder that I cart around to government offices! it just makes me laugh and I thought it must be a question you get, too if you put htat "disclaimer" on there :)-glad to "meet" you on a similar journey!!

Amber said...

Sorry about the water heater. Do you have a home warranty?
You are really fast to have your dossier almost done! You go girl!

Blog Shmog said...

holy cow! that is really fast! so awesome!