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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Children's Hopechest in Ethiopia

Here is a video of what I posted about last time. There is still time to make a difference. Join us:)


Troy said...

This is a great ministry ... I think it'll be something we could definitely be a part of when we get our child home.

As far as Julie calling us Tuesday ... our biweekly calls are Tuesdays. I'm going to see if we can find out any info before then ... if not, Tuesday is the day we're supposed to find out :)

Kristi J said...

What a great ministry and video..we're supporting two children right now and will hopefully do more in the future..thanks for sharing this with the world, kj

Tisha said...

This is a great ministry!! We support 2 children through Compassion and I feel blessed to know those children.

I tagged you! If you want to participate, you need to post your 4th picture from your 4th file on your computer and tell us about it! :)

Have a great day.