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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So I have had Jackson's dinosaur costume for over a month, hoping that I could get him to like it and actually wear it on Halloween. So Friday at 4:00pm we were still battling with tears and screaming and flailing of limbs. He has been pretty sick all week so after about 2 minutes I gave up and decided he would just be Jackson. But alas, I forgot my secret weapon was coming over.....grandparents with light sticks. A little bribing and a little GiGi, and dinosaur Jackson hit the neighborhood with his BFF Aidan (who was also a dinosaur).

So I realize these aren't the greatest pictures but this was the best I could get of the child as he ran around the neighborhood shouting "BUTTON! BUTTON!" instead of Trick or Treat. This is because he only wanted to ring the doorbells. And because of that this was the pitiful loot we came home with.....

And since this turned out so cute I will leave you with one more Jackson gem "carving" a pumpkin.


Vanessa said...

That's two incrediably cute dinos!!

Kristi J said...

He's so cute!!! Love that blond hair....Also, praying for Abby, kristi