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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Officially 8?

Ok so our case worker sent us our official numbers and we are 8 which is what I thought but she also included this little gem:

Of course, it is good to know that there are a few referrals that were recently made that have not yet been factored out of the list as we are awaiting the official acceptances, but congratulations on your movement!

I am really unsure who she is talking about since Kristi still hasn't heard anything and she is still officially #2. So maybe we are unofficially 7 or lower if numbers 1 and 2 on the boys list got referrals and were on the girls list.....there is really no way of knowing. To me it sounds like we are lower than 8 but who really knows..... I guess we will find out in March:(


Troy said...

We are officially #3 boys / #12 girls ... we got the same comment in our email...

I'm thinking we're #2 unofficially on the boys because of Nell Ann hasn't been pulled off the list yet ... Renee and Kim should be already off I would think...we may be #1 of one of the people was on both and one only on boys??? (head starting to hurt)

So maybe one of the people above us got their referral and they were on both lists??

Whenever we get the call from Julie, I'll ask her if the 2 people above us were on both lists ... that should at least help out on some of your blanks (and maybe make peace between the cubs/whitesox and IU/U of I :)

Tricia said...

DeeDee - Looks like y'all are moving on up and sounds like y'all have this numbering thing all figured out. :-)

Speaking of which, 8 is one of my favorite numbers. I'm looking forward to our being waitlisted, perhaps sometime this summer, I would imagine.