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Friday, February 6, 2009

Please Pray

A family in our agency was waiting for travel and received devastating news that their baby girl had passed away. That is all I know but I am having a really hard time processing this, my heart aches for this family and I ask you to pray for them at this time. I do know that they will be receiving another referral any day and that will definitely be a very hard time....to let go of one that you loved and receive someone new.....I don't know if I could do it.

I feel tired of waiting....maybe a blog/number break is in order.....maybe.


Tricia said...

Oh. So sad. I can't imagine how they must feel. Praying their hearts are comforted and at the same time prepared to love another child.

Kristi J said...

it's awful isn't it?? yes, I'm tired of it all....I never wanted to feel this way, but I'm really just warn out with my computer and phone..Im enjoying the break from it all over the weekend....the weather is great here and I'm happy to not be thinking of it (kind of :) kj

Kristi J said...

yes, we have a large tarp thing over the sand box...hoping the friendly neighborhood cat doesnt' make his way over...too gross :) kj

Amber said...

Oh, that is just devestating! I can't even imagine the pain. I will definitely pray!

Maria and Family said...

Truly sad. I ache for them. And the special mothers..who loved on this baby everyday. So sad.