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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day Four

4:30 am I am awake and can't seem to go back to sleep. I think I would have been able to if I wasn't so excited and nervous. There is electricity every night from 7pm until 5:00 am and every other day. So at 5:00am I hear the water heater turn off and realized the electricity just went off. I quickly wake Paul and tell him we better take a shower or it will be cold. I find out later that it stays warm for a few hours:) At 7:15 we go down for breakfast but it doesn't really get started until about 7:45. At about 8:30 we meet two other AGCI families, Scott and Polly and their two kids Amber, 10, and Ryan, who turned 8 that day, and Mike and Karin. They were all picked up by the real Johannes the night before and our stories about what Johannes said we could do today were very different. Shortly after our Johannes walks in and Paul gets up to talk to him about getting a taxi for the day. I make the remark that Paul is over talking to Johannes and Karin says, "That is not Johannes!" And of course it all comes out that their are indeed two Johannes that both pick you up from the airport. So we exchange our dollars for birr and decide to get a taxi and go out to lunch, see the city, and stop by the National Ethiopian Museum.

At 11:30 our driver Tatuk and his friend came to pick us up in two cars since their were 8 of us. (TIP: If you get to Ethiopia a day early I would so recommend doing this. It was so awesome to see Addis and go to the museum. I have Tatuk's number and he will really take care of you! He was so nice and wonderful. We agreed on 100 birr an hour which is roughly $10 dollars) We got to an authentic Ethiopian restuarant and it was sooo good! We had tibs, shiro, and doro wat alecha. The others were a bit cautious but Paul and I tore it up. We were so hungry and it was so yummy. We sat around the mesob, which is the Ethiopian woven table that everyone sits around and all eat off of the same plate. Oh and I think it was about 12 dollars for both of us.

Paul next to a sign that says What's Up? very random.

The Mesob

Tatuk's coffee and insense.

Polly and Ryan and Amber

The other driver and Tatuk

Ok I will do another post about the rest of Day 4 later:)


The B Family said...

Really enjoying the details about your trip--so looking forward to experiencing these things ourselves in a few months. Am hoping the next installment includes you meeting your precious babe!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Sounds great. I don't know if I would be that adventurous...maybe I just worry too much. But it looked great!!!