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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adoption is a messy thing.....

It is hard for me not to get on the bandwagon that adoption is a beautiful, wonderfully orchestrated work of God. I do believe that, I really do. But the thing is adoption is also ugly and messy and would not be needed if it weren't for sin and this fallen world. For me it has been hard to forget the pain and grief that comes with adoption even though I try to focus on the good in it. I know that it is the right plan for us and that God is at work in our adoption. I just grieve the loss that my child will face and that her birth mother is also facing. It is weighing so heavy on my heart.

Please pray for our friends Kristi and Will as they grieve the loss of their precious referral of K. Her birth mother came back to the orphanage yesterday and took her home. I know this is the best thing for this little girl. I think that the best situation for a child is to stay with their birth family, in their birth country. Adoption is the last possible choice. But, I also know the pain and heartache that the Johnson's are now facing. Please pray that the Lord will give our new friends peace and understanding in this great sadness.

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Amber said...

I am so with you on this one, We have learned of a big loss in the last day too and it saddens me so much that it has c0nsumed me all day.