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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quick Question for Parents of Toddlers

Jackson is really taking an interest in playing simple computer games. Right now I am just letting him watch some ABC learning "games" on starfall.com and some games over on the Sesame Street website. I would really like to get a computer game that he could play himself (with help) although we only have a lap top so I am a little nervous about it. I think it would be a good way to work on his colors and shapes since he currently insists that everything is red. Anybody have any suggestions?? I would rather him not use our laptop but really that is our only option I think....I think their are dvd games for the tv through leapster or something but I really don't want to spend the money and find out they are lame:) Anyways thanks for your help:)


Erin said...

I have no suggestions for games, but would recommend a kid sized mouse to plug into your laptop. Most games are mouse control only at that age and then he can handle it better (and keep his sticky fingers off your computer :)

Jessica Knitter said...

I really like the Leapster hand held games. My kids got one when they were younger (2 & 3) and will still use it today (ages 8 & 9). The game cartridges are interchangeable and age appropriate and go up into school ages. The kids brought it whenever we went on trips and used it a lot. The hand held Leapster is also durable and I believe that there are in the price range of $40 - $60 and comes with a game cartridge already and then you can buy more. I have computer games as well but then I needed to watch over them at all times (when they were younger)to make sure they didn't destroy the computer. Just my thoughts.

Angel said...

I actually have Kaiya using some Sesame Street software at Target. It's great and teaches mouse skills as well as colors shapes, etc. She uses a regular computer and mouse though she is not very good at it. Hadn't thought to put her on starfall... duh! Glad you mentioned that. :0) I think I will start her on timeforlearning when she is about 3 1/2. Kaitlyn would have been ready for it by 3 but she is still catching up. Hugs!! Angel

Angel said...

Oh.. FYI... ours is a laptop but I just connect a mouse to it. She can't handle the tricky little mouse on the laptop.

Mandy said...

Our kids love the Leapster games. We have the old one and it has gone through 4 kids, so I would say they are pretty durable. I like some of the Jumpstart computer games, but we only put the kids games on an old computer.

Another suggestion is the Leapster videos. The Letter Factory teaches the sounds of the letters.

I totally let my kids play the computer games and dvd's, but I also called out the letter sounds, colors, etc as we went through our day. That way, they start transferring that knowledge to real life and know where to apply it.