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Monday, March 23, 2009

Museum of Science and Nature

We are really sad that Spring Break is over:( I can't wait until the school year is finished so I can just be with my kids..... Thursday my friend and I took our boys to the Museum of Science and Nature because they have a great Children's Museum and we just became members. Here are the boys playing at the water table.

Then we headed over to the Little Farm and got our bags to fill with veggies and plant seeds.

planting seeds

gathering eggs

a quick tractor ride

what farm trip would be complete without milking the cow?

mommy trying to help out

both boys getting in on the action

sand table fun

learning about hot air balloons

Then we headed over to the dinosaur dig area and Jackson wasn't so excited about taking his shoes and socks off for the sand pit.....He actually hated it.

The boys are on the left in the sand

Our last stop was the air table....Jackson's hair was hilarious!

ugh...that is nasty...one second to take the picture and he is putting stuff in his mouth.

uh I think it is nap time:)

Friday morning we headed out on our very first camping trip! It was SO MUCH FUN! I promise to post about it tomorrow! Stay tuned......

for those who are counting: Tara received a referral of a 4 year old girl (she changed her age range last week) and so we are 1 spot lower. Her march official number was 4. Congrats Tara!! We are so happy for you guys!!


Jessica Knitter said...

The boys are too cute

Blog Shmog said...

Children's museums are the best! :)