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Monday, March 30, 2009


We are so happy for you guys!! I seriously have been crying all afternoon:) So now we are

or possibly even 2! I am really unsure with the numbers with all the craziness that has gone on lately......if you have a guess then leave me a comment:)


Elizabeth & Chad said...

Eeek, I 'm so excited your turn is coming up soon!

Tisha said...

Yay, this is great news!!! I am wondering if they'll wait for Christy to come back before they give us our new monthly numbers.

Vanessa said...

Oh I can't wait until you guys are numero uno!!

Kristi J said...

yeah....you are closer now..yeah!!!!! So glad to be out of yalls way now :) Praying they gave out more than one...Our baby just got there on Friday and we got her on Monday...super fast...praying momma doesn't come back this time...I'm nervous :)kj