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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Adoption Journal Blogger Buddies

Wow! I just went to Red Letters Campaign and saw all the new faces under the Adoption Journals and I am so excited to see all of the ones for Ethiopia! (excited for the other faces too!) So I just bookmarked all of your blogs and will hopefully start to read them regularly! I am so encouraged to see God bring others alongside to learn about this crazy journey! Since we are just in the beginning phase of picking an agency I have so much to learn it feels a little overwhelming at times.

So if you are an Ethiopia Adopting Blogger Buddy (that's a long name!) and you are lurking around out there.. comment me and give me any advice you may have! I am in information seeking mode! Some things I would love to know if you have any information are about The Gladney Adoption Agency and Advocates for Adoption International. I have just learned about AAI recently and all the incredible work they do with AHOPE so I want to add them to my list to research. All other info and advice is welcomed!!



Russ said...

Hey Dee Dee!

We'll be making a lot of changes to the RLC site over the next few weeks, but we have a first cut at this Ethiopia page that may be helpful for you. It shows all the RLC bloggers adopting from Ethiopia by Agency.


Each of the agencies you mentioned have two adoption journalists with RLC


Anonymous said...

It is best to see what other families who have been through the program have to say in their own words. Have you checked out http://www.adoptionsbygladney.com/html/international/ethiopia/blog.html ?

Whitney said...

I was on a blog of a lady that found me b/c she was going to EN on a mission trip...link, click, link, click, etc. and there is Deedee's face! :)

Praying for you all!

MLB said...

I'm enjoying your blog. We're in the early phase of adoption as well (will finishing up our homestudy next week). The one thing I've found in choosing an agency....go with your gut! So far it's worked well for us.

Tymm said...

found ya from the RLC website - best of luck!

We head out on June 11th to go bring our little girl home!

We'll keep following ya - God Bless!

the Steiger's said...

we just got back from Ethiopia with our girl. We had a great time.

Amber said...

I didn 't use either of those agencies but I wanted comment and thank you for sharing your blog with us. It's great to have blog buddies!