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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Red Letters Campaign

So here it is! This is the something that I am so super excited about. If you are not going to click the link then I will post it here for you:

"We at the Red Letters Campaign (RLC) believe that YOU have the power to reduce extreme poverty, fight preventable disease and connect orphans with loving families. Our mission is to provide you the tools and a network of partners and like-minded people that enable you to be an active part of the solution - the way you want to participate.
RLC is a different kind of non-profit designed to support you in your passions - not the other way around. Whether your passion focuses on the HIV epidemic in Africa, providing safe drinking water to Central America or finding homes for children without families in India, we can connect you to people and resources that help you make a difference in the way that you desire.
Whether you’ve just recently become aware of the challenges faced by the orphaned, widowed and extreme poor or have already rolled up your sleeves and joined the front line, the Red Letters Campaign will connect you with the people and resources you need to turn passion into action."

So here's the story. I have been reading Angel's blog for awhile now and have been really inspired by her story, her beautiful girls, and her amazing heart for the Lord. So its kinda weird but we were praying about which country would be right for our family and Angel was one of the ways God laid Ethiopia on my heart. I had just asked God to show me which country and then after praying I turned on my computer, checked my email, read some blogs and thats when I came across Angel's blog on Ethiopia. She had just gotten back from there and had an amazing video of a lady named Hanna. Well that was just one way God has showed me that Ethiopia is where He wants us.

So long story short, Angel and her friends have started this amazing campaign to connect average people that want to make a difference for God's glory. I can't wait to see what this turns into! So my cool new badges mean that this blog is now a Red Letters Campaign Adoption Journal so that others who go there can find out more about the adoption process and the awesome country of Ethiopia! I will try and do them justice, but no promises!! So YAY! for new friends, new readers, and new opportunities to serve to the least of these.

P.S. I am learning SO much about the people and culture of Ethiopia and I love it!


Russ & Angel said...

We're glad to have you on the team :o) Angel and I are excited for you and look forward to following your adoption journey and praying for you and Paul along the way!

Amy said...

I think you should for surely use Gladney. :) I may be biased, but seriously, they were/are amazing. We will be using them again. I need to email you still.. I will do that today...