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Friday, May 30, 2008


Oh people we are so close. I mean CLOSE to finally picking an agency. THANK YOU so much for recommending All God's Children. They seem like a great fit for our family. So right now we are just checking into the money situation. I know I know. (Oh and update: We are not selling the house. I couldn't handle all the pressure.) So yeah, looking into the money. AGCI wants quite a bit upfront and with homestudy and all the other little fees that is kinda more than I thought it was going to be. I mean, I knew it was going to be this much I just thought I would have a little bit more time to spread it out and make it feel less painful. You know? But it's nothing we can't handle, just trying to see what options are best for us. I know God has a plan for us so I am going to just trust He knows where this money is. So I will let you know when it becomes official but I did receive the application in the mail today so you can bet it will be soon!!

Note to Amy Bottomly: We are going to the Queen tonight to celebrate! I think I read on your blog that you thought the injera looks like skin and now I can't get that out of my head, so thanks for that:) Wishing we were going to the OKC Queen instead so you could guide me to the best choices but I will let you know how it goes......


Josh said...

I got a special shout out on your blog!!! YES!

I know, the skin thing ruined my first experience at The Queen as well.... I am sorry I mentioned it on my blog because I hate for your first experience to be tainted by such disgusting imagery. :) We struggled with the Queen for probably the first visit or two and now truly honestly LOVE Ethiopian food..even the injera. :)

My faves include all the vegetarian dishes... Especially LOVE the lentils. I also really like chicken sambussa (its an appetizer at our Queen)

Can't wait to hear more about your experience. Just read that you all are a part of the RLC leaders now and that you want to assist with LAUNCH ETHIOPIA! YEA!! Wish we could have met you in Dallas this trip (we just got back home... left Dallas at 5am due to Silas not sleeping a wink all night) Maybe we can plan a trip to meet up soon!

Longest comment ever.

dad2aandj said...

Just wanted to say thanks for your note of encouragement you left on my blog last week.
Your family pics are precious, and I wish you the best as you walk this journey of adoption. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers and I'll try and keep up through your blog. -T