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Monday, May 12, 2008

Ethiopia and Children's Hopechest

Ah just when I thought I could get away and get back to cleaning! (HA like I want to get back to cleaning!) Got this email, well I originally had to hear from Amy's blog because YAHOO put it in my SPAM FOLDER! That's right Yahoo I am slamming you on my blog!!! Be afraid!

Ok sorry, so I got this email from Children's Hopechest and they are about to launch their program in....you guessed it.....Ethiopia. (This was one of my MANY signs from God saying here is your country!!) So if you also have a heart for Ethiopia you can call into their conference call with me on Thursday! They are going to be talking about the need, the strategy, the vision trip, etc. So check it out! I sponsor a little boy from Russia from Children's Hopechest and have been completely blessed by the experience. These people know what they are doing! And you all know how much I enjoy Tom Davis:)

Here's the info:

Time: Thursday, May 15, 9AM MDT (make sure you translate the time difference)I believe thats 10 am Central for those of you near me:)

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1620

Participant Access Code: 1083603#

If you are going to participate please RSVP to daniel@hopechest.org

OK cleaning...or TV, I mean the day after Mother's Day counts too right? ugh, I thought you would say that.


Melinda said...

Hi DeeDee,
Found your blog through RLC. My email from Children's HopeChest went to my spam file also. I really have to check it every day or I miss alot of good emails. Can't wait to follow along on your adoption journey. We adopted our 2 1/2 year old son from ET last year when he was 16mo old and our now bringing home an 8/9 year old from there as well.

Angel said...

Thanks for spreading the word girl!! Hope everyone can show up. I am excited to hear all about it. Angel

Amy said...

I guess I will hear you on the phone tomorrow.... well at least your name and connection to Ethiopia in 10 words or less. :)

Excited about ETHIOPIA and excited about you deciding to adopt from ETHIOPIA too!