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Monday, June 2, 2008

Blog Buzz

Ok Blog Buzz is something new that RLC is doing and I think it is pretty cool. Basically, RLC asks some thought provoking questions and we as bloggers answer them. So get on and answer one! You can read more about it here.

So I think I am going to answer the question about researching agencies since I have just spent the last two months doing that and it is fresh on my brain.

What advice would you give someone choosing an agency? What questions would you advise they ask? What resources or organizations would you suggest they reference?

Ok so I don't know how well my research really worked since I am just starting but I will offer what I did to maybe help those who dont know where to begin.

First off I kind of became a blog junkie. I found blogs of people that seemed like me and were using an agency I was considering and pretty much read from start to finish. Hence my stalking of Amy Bottomly (oh another shout out, you are a lucky one). I found hers and MANY others on Gladney's website.

Then I joined Adoption Agency Research Group Yahoo group and started researching in their database and asking members there lots of questions.

THEN I found Adopt Ethiopia Yahoo Group and did the same thing. That is how I found a list of pretty good agencies. (There is also a yahoo group for Ethiopia adoptions for Dallas called Ethiopia Babies but all three is probably overkill.)

So after all of that I started talking to people I know, which included the bloggers I was stalking:) We also started going to Tapestry's waiting families group at Irving Bible Church and got to meet LIVE adopting families. I know, imagine that! I recommend them if you live in the Dallas area.

Then after narrowing my list down to 3 0r 4 we went to 2 local orientations and called the other 2 asking for information packets. Then we decided on AGCI based on how it fit with our family but I was seriously impressed with all 4 agencies. That was probably the hardest part.

As far as questions, I would stick to asking them to the families that are in process with that agency or have recently brought their child home. I feel they are the best representatives of what the agency is about. People that work there are probably just going to tell you what you want to hear regardless if it's the truth.

Please know that every agency is going to have faults and that every agency is going to have families that do not have good experiences. That is just adoption. I would say make sure the goods outweigh the bads by a lot and you feel comfortable with your decision. And of course bathe this in as much prayer as possible.

Wow long. Don't miss my other lengthy post of the day underneath:)


Brandi said...

Yeah! Yes, you did it perfectly! I think it just takes time to feed to the site!

Great advice too. . this is the question I'll be answering as well.


Brandi said...

PS: I just started Dangerous Surrender too!! Love it already!