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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Small Problem

Ok, so I have my application all filled out and ready to mail off. Just need to check off two boxes. Will your child be covered by your medical insurance upon placement? And will your insurance cover any pre-existing medical conditions? So I call our insurance company to make sure we are all good on this front. So they say my husband has to check with his HR department about when exactly she will be covered and that we will wait have to wait some 12 months waiting period for any pre existing conditions... What? First of all insurance is like a foreign language to me and my hubby is in a meeting so I am venting because I don't know what to do now. I called my agency but my lady is at lunch (of course) so, yeah, you guys get to hear my first drama of adoption:) Feelin' Lucky aren't ya? I can already hear your chuckles... I know, I know!

Got any advice? Comment me. Jackson is napping and I already missed the mailman. So much for mailing it out today.


dad2aandj said...

Many employers (including mine)treat adoption just like a birth with respect to insurance. I know mine didn't hold my son to any waiting periods. Unless there are some specific restrictions, (being new to the job, having a waiting period yourself, etc.) this might be okay, but you will probably need to make sure through the employer. I will caution you though, that usually they have to specifically set it up that way when you add the child, and mine forgot, so it required an extra phone call later to fix, but was no big deal.

Melinda said...

As long as his company employs more than 500 (i think) then they have to cover the new adopted child automatically it is a law. They do try to get away with not doing it at first and you just have to be firm and remind them about the law and they will comply. What agency did you end up going with?