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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Jackson, who is 15 months, finally took his first steps last night. Let's just say we are beyond thrilled that soon our 27 lb kid will not have to be held quite as much:)


Amy said...

Yah! Walking does have its perks!

C & R said...

Well I think it has to do with what home study agency you use. Our agency you have to have at least 2 home vistis usually three. OUr first meeting was a meet and greet, give her a tour of our home and to discuss all the paper work. Our second meeting was the to hand in the paper work and she asked question we had to answer, and lastnight we went over our on line classes...but from what I have seen everyone's home study is a little different then the next guys, know what I mean? Its good your asking questions..thats how I have surrived,form all the answers and support form blog ladies! YEA for the walking little guy!!!

Blog Shmog said...

whoo hoo!!

tim & dawn said...

Hi there. I just came across your blog. I look forward to following your journey! We're just nearing the end of the paperwork stage, so if you have any questions at all - feel free to ask!