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Monday, June 16, 2008

Orientation Call

We just had our orientation call with AGCI and I am very excited! We have finished up our homestudy information and are ready to send that in today, too. There is only one thing, we have to make a pretty big payment to AGCI before we can do anything else. Pretty big, like half the cost of our adoption. We knew it was coming so we are taking the steps to make sure we have it all but I know that there are some possibilities of it getting held up. So if you think about it today, would you pray that it just works out smoothly? Thanks:)

Other than that I have been completely blessed this week by our friends and family. We decided to have a HUGE yard sale next weekend to help us cover some of the fees (like fingerprinting, birth certificates, mailing costs, etc.) that we know are going to sneak in and add up. So many awesome people have donated things! We seriously could open our own furniture store right now. So if you live in the area, comment me and I will let you know where the most awesome yard sale of the century will be held. Two of my friends also made over 250 cookies to sell as well! It is going to be crazy. I just have to make it this week with my house literally packed FULL with stuff. Jackson isn't making it easy since he is kinda sick today and we can't escape the cave! I have also taken a "do not clean until after yard sale" approach to life and have a lot of down time:)


C & R said...

I (we) are adopting form Ethiopia and AGCI is our agency!!!We look forward to following your journey!! Welcome to the AGCI blog family!!!

Our journey said...

Welcome to AGCI! They are a great agency. I can't wait to follow your journey.


Christy. said...

I just found your blog and we are praying about adopting from Ethiopia. If we adopt we plan to use AGCI. I would love to know where your yard sale is and maybe stop by. Do you live in the Portland Oregon area??
My email is cgladheim@gmail.com

Blog Shmog said...

Hey Deedee,
how long was the phone call? was it intimidating? are goal is to get our application in this week so we are not too far behind you. excited to follow you guys.