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Monday, May 25, 2009

More Olivia "S" updates!

We got two updates (and some new pics) from some families that traveled last week! HER HAIR IS GROWING LIKE CRAZY!!! I need to go buy clippies and bows now!!! I am so excited and so grateful to these families for giving us a glimpse into her life. Here is what they had to say:

I did get to spend some time with your little girl. She is in the same room that our son was in. The special moms in that room are amazing! They obviously love these children greatly. They get very attached to them. It was very difficult to watch them cry the last day when we left with our son but it felt good to know how much they loved him. I'll get you some pictures of the special moms in the room in another email. I want to make sure I get this email sent before our 19 month old wakes up. He had a rough night so I was sleeping with him on the couch.

One of the first things I noticed when I walked into our son's room was your
picture book on "S" 's crib because it was the first crib in the room. The first day we were in the room she was pretty tired. During part of the time in the room that day she was sitting in the bumbo seat watching a video (sesame street maybe) beside another little boy who had only been at HH for two days. She was reaching over and holding his hand. It was like she was looking out for the new kid.

One of the other days we were in the room, "S" was more alert and was cracking us up. They had her sitting on a potty seat and she would scoot around on the tile floor while sitting on that potty seat and just making herself laugh. It was hilarious. There's that word again! Her personality was really showing that day and I think you're going to have a blast with her. She was very happy and playful. She didn't at all seem scared of the new people (us) in the room. She let me play with her.

I don't recall seeing her walk anytime we were there. She was crawling around. I wish these pictures did a better job of depicting how happy a little girl she seems to be. I'm confident she's going to have her daddy wrapped around her little finger in no time.


DeeDee!! saw your beautiful daughter, we just got in and I'm a little slap happy, but wanted to send word that she is out of this world cute, her pics don't even do her justice. We are blessed my friend!! She was a little shy of me, but watched EVERYTHING that was going on around her with those big brown eyes!! She was precious!

Oh and I did get one picture I can share with you! This is where our baby girl sleeps at night at Hannah's Hope. I cried when I saw this.

We are beyond blessed! Olivia we can not wait to meet you!!! Daddy is working hard on your beautiful nursery!


Kelly said...

How wonderful - I can't even imagine how much getting those reports and photos must mean to you. I'm sure you will cherish them always.

Dawn said...

Getting updates is SO fun! So happy you were able to get some new pictures of her. She is SUCH a FUN little girl!! :)