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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summit V update

So last Thursday and Friday, Paul and I went to the Christian Alliance for Orphan Care's big conference called Summit V. It was really amazing to see all of these people we know in blog world, authors of books we have read, and leaders of some great organizations we have been blessed to be apart of. It was a great time of fellowship and we learned so much about orphan care, it was unbelievable.

The greatest part was that every time some one who was familiar with Ethiopia asked what agency we were with, they always had amazing things to say about Hannah's Hope (the orphanage where Olivia "S" lives) and Almaz (the director of Hannah's Hope). These people are the "experts" in orphan care and they would go on and on about how wonderful HH is and how it is by far the best orphanage in all of Addis. One guy from another agency even said he took his orphanage workers from their transitional house to go and train with Almaz because she was the best around. He also said that the level of care at HH is the bar they would love to one day reach. Just knowing that our girl is in the next best place besides home is so reassuring.

So next year Summit is in Minneapolis at John Piper's church.....we probably won't make it up there but I encourage you if you are any where near there to try and be there because it will truly be a blessing for you.

Amy Bottomly: YOU WERE GREATLY MISSED:) and I am going to publicly threaten you that if I do not see you labor day weekend, there will be words between us:)


Tisha said...

Wow, DeeDee that sounds like a great time. I am so glad from an expert expressed how wonderful HH is!! I know the international pediatrician that we used just went on and on about how great HH is. I am so thankful!

Kristi J said...

Wow..that is so good to hear...so awesome, kj

Amy Bottomly said...

ohhhh yah! I got a shout out! You know I saw that you updated your blog and I saw the title of it was about the conference. In my pouty way I was avoiding reading the post because I KNOW we missed out on some good stuff. :( We were so sad to not bet there!

We WILL see you over Labor Day! Our childcare is in place and there will be no backing out from them (my parents!) :)

Thanks for missing me! :)