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Saturday, October 18, 2008

CUTE cards!

Ok so I have been wanting to share this with you all for a while but have not quite found the time, you know, with all the fabulousness of being number 24 and all....

So Jana, who is obviously super creative and artsy, has made these super cute Ethiopian Adoption Announcements and note cards! I can not wait until our daughter comes home so I can get some of these! (NO, that is not the only reason!....I know what you were thinking!) Ok let me rephrase, I think these are so cute and are a great way to honor and share our child's heritage. Better?

Ok so I think she will work with you if you want other countries so go check out her Etsy site. Oh and the money goes to her adoption:) love it.


Kristi J said...

love those cute cards...and lots of movement going on a AGCI...so exciting!! I was tagged too so I need to do mine before I forget...We're back from the beach and doing laundry (: kristi

Michelle Riggs said...

I love the cards!

Wendi said...

those are adorable! i want those, too - just because they're cute. kuddos to your friend!

Chris and Jana said...

Thanks so much for posting about our cards! We're in the process of making a China and Korea one too, once Chris cuts them out for me!

Congrats on moving up on the list. We'll be there someday soon; it's fun to watch you move up!

Thanks again!

Vanessa said...

Great cards!!