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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Referrals are going out like hot cakes!

Ok for the last two weeks referrals have literally been flying out the window of our agency! I mean, whoa.... I seriously thought I was going to be good at this blog stalking business, but truth be told, it's like having a full time job lately..... and I still have no idea what number we might be. Ok, I have an idea but it's more than likely wrong. I think....and I do mean think....we are 23. Congratulations to all the families that have gotten to see their beauties this week, I would give you links but like I said, too many to count:)

PS. in all reality I know that this recent trend is bound to slow down, please pray for patience for me when that happens....it's so hard to see lots of movement and know that it probably won't last very long.....thanks. I think I might take a blog stalking break.....maybe just a short one:)


Vanessa said...

Praying it's your turn soon!!

Super Mom said...

So true. I have seen it really go in waves. At one point we had 7 weeks without any referrals! So I too keep bracing myself for those really depressing weeks without movement.

Kimmie said...

Enjoy your journey...you'll be down in the single digits before you know it, but I am sure that God has a lot He desires to reveal to you as you wait.

bless your adventure!

We just accepted our referral on Monday...a 6 month old girl from Ethiopia!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Michelle Riggs said...

Praying tht it is your turn VERY soon.

Thanks for praying for Abby.

Tisha said...

Wow, that is great! I can't wait to be on the list. I have noticed that the sibling group has not moved recently... sigh.