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Friday, October 17, 2008

Tagged! and unofficially 24?

I've been tagged! This is my first time to be "tagged" so I am excited to participate! Thanks for the love Autumn!

1. I literally have some weird sleep disorder where I require more sleep than the average person... I know I know. But I have even have an extensive sleep study to prove it. I could definitely sleep every night for 16 hours no problem... It's too bad that schedule doesn't work with a toddler or really any normal lifestyle and I have super expensive medicine that I can never afford so I just deal with being tired all the time. I take a nap with Jackson most days so that helps me a lot. Doesn't help the laundry or the vacuuming but it helps me be a better mommy so that's what really matters:)

2. this isn't very random or weird but I am a huge bookworm....Paul says that my weirdness is that I have actually made it through a Tolstoy, in which my response was "who hasn't?" oh yes, I forget that not everyone is as nerdy as I am.....

3. I love all things 1980's. I even have a record collection which includes my all time favorites The GoGo's. From breakfast club to big hair and leg warmers, the 80's will always have my heart:)

4. I am currently taking a guitar class at the community college. It's nothing like the rock star class I imagined and instead I am painfully making my way through reading music and learning the classical style of guitar....but for 35 bucks a semester you can't beat it. oh and by the way...I am super terrible.

5. I once ate an entire can of cheese whiz in one minute.....crazy church camps.

6. I don't really like peanut butter and my friend Ann Marie (you know, Nastia's BFF) thinks I am from a different planet because of it.

7. ummm I just got our biweekly update and I think UNOFFICIALLY I might be at most #24 on the girls list!!!! Now I don't know for sure but I do know that I have moved down at least 2 spots!!! PROGRESS PEOPLE! PROGRESS!

ok now to tag 7 peeps.



Super Mom said...

Congrats on the movement. I would agree you are at least at 24 now. Isn't that fun?


Vanessa said...

Hey getting two slots closer is a big deal when you're waiting for a child:) Hope the others fly by quickly!