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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


That's right! Our dossier was over-nighted to AGCI today! I can't believe it! It's finally gone.... Ok I am a nerd and took some pictures of it:) But I could not help myself, I was way too excited!

In all its glory

super thickness

Adios! (hmmm maybe goodbye in Amharic would be more appropriate here.)


Michelle Riggs said...

WoooHooo!!! That is the best feeling!

Dawn said...

Congratulations!! It's such a HUGE milestone! We felt so good after sending it all in.

Those Dandy Dillards said...

Congrats! This puts you on the waiting list, right? Sorry, I'm coming in late in the game so don't understand the whole process yet. But I am determined to get there!


Whitney said...

Rock! I am such a nerd, I took pictures with Ellie where we sent the dossier off after she was home. :)

Amber said...

Oh my gosh DeeDee! That is awesome! I'm so happy for you! No more stalking the mailbox.

Michael and Michelle said...

I can't wait to hear your numbers!!



Our journey said...

Those numbers will be coming soon. So excited that the wait will officially begin for you. May God sustain you with peace and strength as you wait to meet your new child.


nell ann said...

Hiya! Too fun that our mailing peeps give us discounts because of our excitement. Love it!
Congrats on finishing and mailing out your dossier! Let me know when you get some numbers. It's so much fun to know who is around you...you never know - we could travel together?!

nell ann said...

well...any news yet? we're waiting!!! i bet i can guess your numbers. : )