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Monday, January 19, 2009


So I hit a new low over the weekend and I thought I would share. On Friday we left for the youth retreat before AGCI closed and I realized at about 9 pm while driving in pitch black in the boonies that I didn't check our bi-weekly email. So here I was with barely a bar on my hubby's cell phone checking my email only to realize I didn't get it! So then I had to blog stalk on a 2 inch screen in the dark with the slowest internet ever to figure out how to get my precious email. Paul thought I had lost my mind....maybe I did.

On Saturday I turned the big 25 and if I was a good blogger I would leave you with 25 things about me but since I am not you will just have to do with some pictures of how I spent my birthday weekend......Enjoy! oh and if you are here to see more student pictures I will put those on my facebook.

I love this picture:)

child labor

bound teenagers

bound teenagers playing volleyball

playing with daddy's hat

hours of fun

oh man, some of the leaders jumping rope

Brian doing his thing

fun in the hammocks

our huge cabin

playing on our deck

more crazy teenagers


Amber said...

Happy 25!

Whitney said...

I saw "25" on the title line and got freaked out that you agency had moved you to 25 on the wait list...so glad it is just your age!

Happy Birthday!

Vanessa said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

nell ann said...

happy birthday! for your birthday, i'm going to tell you there was another referral today of a beautiful boy for Kim...and she was on the girl list, too. So now you are even lower! Happy day and congrats!

Troy said...

1) Happy Belated Bday

2) Great pics ... look like you guys had a great time. It's awesome you guys are engaged with the youth ... especially at your young age :)

3) I'm sure you saw but Kristi is unofficially #2 but Kim got her boy referral today so you're #9 is legit :)

Troy said...

Hmmm ... that may very well be true regarding the unknowns at #2 & #3 on the boys being above you on the girls list ... I have no idea how to find out besides putting a request/plea on the list serv ... I gotta see if Amber can post using her account on there as for some reason it doesn't like me ... it acts like it posts but never gets posted...

I'm just praying for a flurry of referrals come the first of the month so all our unknowns are non-issues...