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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


First to Audrey, Thank you so much for the comment. I would love to read your blog and try to answer any questions you might have! However, when I clicked on your name, nothing came up. Could you leave me another comment with your blog address?

Reading blogs was really how I got so much of my information when we first started out and well I guess since I am not really a newbie anymore......(definitely not an oldie either saying that we aren't anywhere near to being done with this process and have so much to learn still!) but I am totally open to any questions that anyone has! Adoption can be really complicated and a scary journey but is really not so bad once you understand the processes. So any lurkers out there with questions, time to de-lurk. I am an open book:) I will try my best or point you to one of my more adoption seasoned friends!

oh and I plan to post an ode to our monkey soon......I think you find it very funny:)


Troy said...

Most importantly, thank you for your prayers for Jacob ... it just touched my heart when I read about him and his family ... THANK YOU!

The Hensley's said...

Well...it is official. I am a blog stalker. You can tell the when my kiddos nap, I check everyone's updates. It was so funny to see my own name. I appreciate that! How funny! We were officially approved today with AGCI. We actually have two blogs and the default goes to my other blog, which may have been the problem. Here is my adoption blog and thanks again.


Dawn said...

YES - it did look like skin and the texture was all sorts of weird. I'll have to try again... maybe.

Troy said...

Yeah, I know ... sorry. I was working on the rental house, realized I missed the call and slightly had a moment. Amber was still at work so I couldn't get ahold of her to conference her in ... I'm thinking the faucet will get turned back on next week...