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Thursday, January 29, 2009

This is what came in the mail today!

We are really excited to start learning some simple phrases that we can use with our daughter. I thought it would help her to maybe not be as scared if we could comfort her in a language she is familiar with, especially if she ends up being closer to 12 months old. I am pretty sure I sound ridiculous so it will be a miracle if this actually sounds comforting to anyone:)

Amharic is super hard! Maybe I should not have waited so long to order it.....

The book comes with a cd to help you with the pronunciation....I think it would be really helpful for families adopting older kids!

oh and we are #

Congratulations Nell Ann! We are so happy for you guys!!!


Troy said...

Holy cow!! YEAH for Nell Ann and Justin!

Super Mom said...

I got that in the mail today too! Boy I better get started, I have court in 10 days!

nell ann said...

Thanks thank thanks! It is still not real. Boy oh boy is it not real!

Troy said...

Man, I don't like going to the dentist ... just went on Tuesday myself ... poor kid ... prayed for him (and you).

In the call with Julie yesterday, she said the email would probably be next week ... it's sometime hard to figure out off that list as well ... were the referrals a toddler or ??? Your sleuthing skillz are usually right on so I'll lean on you for that :)