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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy 11 Months Baby Girl!

Today our little angel is 11 months old.....I can not believe it! So in true blogger fashion here are 11 things we LOVE about Olivia!

1. We love that you are HILARIOUS! You are going to fit in our family perfectly!

2. We love your little bald head.....I have already bought special shampoo and conditioner just for you:)

3. We love your little feet! Your GiGi just bought you the cutest sandals for your cute little toes!

4. We love all of your little teeth! I think you have 2 on the bottom and maybe 4 on the top but it is hard to tell!

5. We love those kissable lips!! They are so precious!

6. We love how you already have your big brother wrapped around your little finger. He talks about "his sissy" all the time and kisses the picture of you that we put on the fridge. He says I love Oliviya-ya-ya:)

7. We love that you are CRAWLING around! You are such a big girl!

8. We love that you are a nice petite 17 lbs though! unlike your huge, very hard to carry brother!

9. We love your chubby little cheeks and your double chin....you are such an adorable little girl!

10. We love that you are loved by many friends and family.

11. We love that you are ours.


Three2Five said...

She sounds so cute!

Kristi J said...

Oh...I love her too...she's adorable!! How about all those girlies today??wow...such great news for the girl list, kj