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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!!

Today Paul turned 29:) We took it easy today and just had a great time as a family. We started out at the spray park with the kids. I had not fished out my camera battery yet, which ended up taking some work to get it out, so I took some pictures using Paul's cell phone.

After that we ran through Steak and Shake drive through for yummy mini burgers, fries, and milk shakes. The kids were in heaven! After naps, the kids gave daddy his presents and we worked on making him his cake. Jackson and Olivia loved making the presents this week and worked really hard on them. Jackson made him a picture frame and Olivia made a bulletin board for his office. They used foam stickers and did it all by themselves! I would point where the letters should go so they actually spelled words and even Olivia worked really hard to spell Daddy:) But I never actually did anything so this is really the first crafts that were 100% done by them.

my sweet girl making cake:)

Why do I always get these goofy faces when I ask him to smile?


ignore the no pants, we are potty training:)

daddy's foam bulletin board

Jackson and Olivia made this fun birthday card as if you couldn't guess.....

Daddy's new picture frame.....don't ask about the winter jacket.

no we will not both look at the camera......

decorating the cake

we will win Food Network Cake Challenge for sure:)

The best picture I got of all of them together.....

Happy Birthday Daddy we love you!!

Ignore my singing but I thought this was a cute video:)

oh and Jackson got a new motorcycle from the dollar store because he pooped in the potty twice today:) just in case you were wondering


Kristi J said...

too funny...love all the pics..I can't believe how big Olivia looks...crazy!! She's growing like a weed, kj

missy said...

those kids are so cute together! lol about the winter coat and no pants. i love it! way to make paul's day so special for him and for your kids!

Troy said...

good helpers!

happy bday paul!

The Hull's at #4 said...

Good job on the presents guys, and WAY TO GO JACKSON!!!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Awww....love the cards and cake!!!! Potty training mode here too.

Dawn said...

cute!! i can't believe how big olivia is getting!!

Amber said...

What cute pictures and Jackson is getting so big!