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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'll try....

Ok so I am getting some pressure for some people to be a better blogger so I will try to do better this week I promise!!

Last night was so much fun. We have been a part of an awesome playgroup this summer. There are 5 families and we meet each Tuesday at a different location. Each mom has a turn hosting, which means she picks the place and brings the snack. Last night we ended our summer playgroup with a night at a local ice cream place, and even the daddies were invited. So half way through my poor camera died so I had to steal some pictures from my friends so it would be blog worthy....

There are 11 kids in our group and the oldest is 3:)

People enjoy when our playgroup visits their establishments!

Jackson getting some love from his buddies

That is a Jackson behind all that ice cream I promise.....


I'll try to have more pics of Olivia next post but like I said my camera died and really all you would of seen was the back of her head since she is constantly on the run! If you thought Jackson was an active toddler......you have seen nothing.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Those are cute shirts! Awww....I love ice cream!!!!

Kristi J said...

love the shirts..and thanks for posting..I'm feeling much better now :) kj