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Monday, August 31, 2009

Morning at the Park

This morning was BEAUTIFUL! Technically it is still August in Texas and it was actually cool today! You know like low 80's? Yeah that is cool here. So I loaded up the kids with all of our fun park stuff, lunches, picnic blankets, etc. and headed to our favorite park. Jackson and I usually do this once a week all year long from September-April, so this was Olivia's first time at what will soon be her favorite playtime spot:) I started taking pictures after Olivia decided to cover, and I mean COVER, herself in dirt and playground mulch. She was literally taking huge handfuls and rubbing it on her arms and legs:) She was so dirty that when we got home I just put a huge beach towel in her crib for her to take a nap on!

blowing bubbles

so content with her bubbles.....

Lunch Time!

Hey brother, what are you doing?

can I come up?

all the way up!

We love days at the park:)


Tisha said...

Looks like so much fun!!!!! Because of school we usually head to the park after nap, but it is still a good time. Thinking of you lots. :)

missy said...

they are so cute together! what is the age difference? she is all kinds of gorgeous...love that smile. looks like a great day!

Dawn said...

oh i so wish we lived closer. i miss that little girl!

Karin said...

Summer bliss!

Kristi J said...

I think your two look like twins...they are too cute together..kristi

Michelle Riggs said...

Very cute pics!