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Monday, August 3, 2009

Life at Home

UPDATE: I posted a cute video of Jackson at the bottom since blogger was being crazy yesterday!

I promise to finish up my posts about our trip but I just wanted to send a little update about life at home with two small toddlers:) We are doing so well and Olivia is adjusting to us perfectly! I am still trying to figure out her sleep patterns but last night she did sleep through the night so hopefully progress is being made. Jackson is such a good big brother and he is so sweet with her. I'm gonna keep it real here and let you know that it's not always easy and they do have their moments with each other but I often see a very sweet side of Jackson that his baby sister has brought out of him. Olivia is sorta potty trained and I will include how we found that out when I finish my posts about our trip. Yes, I am sure you all remember this post and most importantly this post. Now I am knee deep in potty training TWO children! The Lord sure does have a sense of humor. The doctor wants her to stay in diapers since she is trying to hold her urine too long and just use the potty for number two so that is making my life so much easier. Especially because they don't seem to make training pants for such a little hiney!

On Friday we went to the Rangers game since they were having fireworks after the game. Jackson has been talking non-stop about fireworks since July 4th (even though he was so scared during them!). On the way to the game I could tell he was getting nervous since he kept asking me if the fireworks were going to be too loud, but he kept assuring me that he still wanted to go and see them. The game had a rain delay but the kids didn't seem to mind. It scored Jackson with a new hat and a foam finger which is now accompanying him and monkey to bed every night. Olivia loved the fireworks and danced to the music while Jackson cried for the first five minutes and then had me in a death grip for the remainder of the show. After it was over he looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said very seriously, "Mommy, I LOVE fireworks!" Um, sure you do, honey, sure you do. He of course now asks every night if we can go back to see more.

Christmas card anyone?

No wait, this one is definitely better.

During the firworks. Please remember that it was pouring rain 20 minutes before this picture when looking at me:)

Olivia during the fireworks:)

on the way home:)

Paul is back at work today so now that he isn't working from home I should be able to post more about our trip and life at home with two toddlers!

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